Huaqiangbei Becomes a Maker Paradise DZN Component Mall Rises on the Trend

Shenzhen Huaqiang North Business Circle has always been known throughout the country as "China's first electronic street". Now, Huaqiangbei has a new label - International Maker Paradise. The magic Huaqiangbei attracts the attention of domestic and foreign makers by virtue of various components needed by makers, as well as a platform serving makers such as DZN Component Mall.

Huaqiangbei, an omnipotent city

In the hustle and bustle of Huaqiangbei, you will always find many foreigners. They are top makers from all over the world. They came to Huaqiangbei for their dreams and settled here for a long time.

For makers, the biggest headache is the small batch production of electronic components. Since the products in the early stage of entrepreneurship cannot be mass produced, makers often need to produce some electronic components or electronic parts in small quantities. However, in the face of small orders with low profits, large factories are often reluctant to produce, which is also the reason why many makers fail.

However, in Huaqiangbei, a huge electronic market, many small component manufacturers have been cultivated through years of experience in electronic digital production. They provide a complete supply chain for entrepreneurs. In foreign countries or other places, it is impossible for such small-scale component manufacturers to exist.

In addition, in Huaqiangbei, there is an e-commerce platform such as DZN Component Mall that can help makers find electronic component suppliers more easily and provide free procurement services. In the Maker Service Area of the DZN Component Mall, makers only need to leave their contact information and the model of the product they need, and the DZN Component Mall can match the manufacturers of the corresponding components provided by the makers.

Since most of these manufacturers are concentrated in Huaqiangbei, makers can often get the components and other materials they need the day after placing an order. Sometimes when it is urgent, some manufacturers even send the meta equipment to the makers themselves. In the eyes of makers, Huaqiangbei, which is "omnipotent", is the best entrepreneurial base.

Huaqiangbei's gorgeous turn

From the "copycat" imitation and manufacturing to the smart paradise of global makers, Huaqiangbei has inadvertently completed a magnificent turn. Driven by the upsurge of makers in Huaqiang North, Shenzhen, the "world factory", is becoming the "Hollywood" of intelligent hardware. At the same time, DZN Component Mall, based on Huaqiangbei, has also grown rapidly, becoming a well-known e-commerce platform for electronic components in China, providing various intelligent components for makers across the country.

According to the reporter, DZN Component Mall is a component e-commerce project launched with the strong support of the Shenzhen government. It mainly deals in integrated circuits of major international and domestic brands, is committed to pushing high-quality components to global demanders, and provides customers with safe, fast and convenient online electronic component trading services.

Compared with the ordinary component e-commerce platform, the advantages of DZN component mall lie in its tangible inventory information, perfect electronic component production system, and more attractive prices than the market.

With the magnificent turn of Huaqiang North, DZN Component Mall, as the online base of Huaqiang Beiyuan Components, also made a commitment to "only make genuine products and resolutely eliminate fakes". By reviewing the qualification of supply partners, and using the most professional means to detect the quality of goods, DZN Component Mall enables customers to buy at ease and use at ease!

At present, the DZN component store has become an important platform for purchasers to purchase electronic components online It has become a consensus among electronic component purchasers.

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Huaqiangbei Becomes a Maker Paradise DZN Component Mall Rises on the Trend

Shenzhen Huaqiang North Business Circle has always been known throughout the country as "China's first electronic street". Now, Huaqiangbei has a new labe


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