Electronic Components Industry: Reconsideration of Military Semiconductors!

At the beginning of the year, we released an in-depth report Military Semiconductor: The curtain opened. General Semiconductor is one of our three gold mines. According to the continuous industrial chain research and combined with thinking, the logic is expounded again:

1. The localization rate of military semiconductor is 15%, the total assembly requirement is 85% by 2020, and the import substitution space is 4.7 times; The electronic rate of military industry is 30%. In the past, the development of military industry was based on mechanical engineering, and in the future, it will certainly be an era of electronic industry (the 70-90% growth in the performance of electronic components recommended by us fully confirms this logic). Therefore, the space of military semiconductor industry is expected to be more than 10 times;

2. The industry pattern is clear and the concentration is determined to be high. The current industry leader, Microelectronics and Zhenhua Technology, will still be the leaders in the future and can be given a high valuation;

3. In the wave of electronic globalization integration, military semiconductor is indispensable and will fully participate in the global integration. The recent announcement of bidding for Xi'an Huaxin Semiconductor (China DRAM chip design leader) with Fang Guoxin is the beginning of the industry integration wave;

4. Military semiconductor is the source of semiconductor localization. It is the source of industrial development to cultivate a group of excellent semiconductor enterprises in the military industry, promote their entry into broader industries, automobiles, electricity, security, etc., and promote the development of semiconductor manufacturing and packaging industries.

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