Take stock of the IPO path of local electronic component distributors

Now, this domestic IC and electronic component trading e-commerce platform is building a "hard egg" intelligent hardware incubation platform. Ketong Core City tries to make use of China's manufacturing and innovation advantages to build Hard Egg into a global intelligent hardware innovation base. According to Kang Jingwei's plan, Hard Egg will gather 10000 ITO (Internet of Things) companies, 10000 entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises and 5000 manufacturing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta this year.

In the Hard Egg Exhibition Center of Shenzhen Nanshan Science Park, visitors can see the latest intelligent hardware products in the world, ranging from new energy vehicles to smart bracelets. The hard egg is built by the core city of Science and Technology Communication, which is praised by the Hong Kong capital market as "the first share of Internet plus in the mainland". After operating its main business as a domestic IC and other electronic components trading e-commerce platform, Ketong Core City began to extend to the downstream of the industrial chain. In recent years, the rise of intelligent hardware boom, In Kang Jingwei's view, it is a huge opportunity: "We are about to live in an era of interconnection of all things. On the surface, an intelligent hardware product is a hardware, but in fact, it is a trinity of hardware and software, the Internet, and cloud services."

"The goal of Hard Egg is to become the entrance of the future manufacturing industry." Kang Jingwei said. Ketong Core City has built itself into an upstream supply chain platform for electronic products, which has captured the first "pain point" of the market. If hard eggs connect everyone through the Internet, they can use market resources to turn some innovative ideas into products. Another pain point Kang Jingwei tried to seize was to help these innovative entrepreneurs establish fan groups, establish fan groups for everyone, and help him promote his brand. "This is what we are doing to open a complete closed loop of B2B2C.". The number of fans of the hard egg platform has doubled to 2 million in three months. The economic effect of fans established by these fans who have a strong interest in intelligent hardware can expand the hard egg business from B2B to B2B2C.

In the hard egg launch conference in Beijing in the middle of June this year, Ketong Core City built an IoT ecosystem by linking the innovation team and relevant institutions of intelligent hardware with Tencent WeChat and Baidu. Peng Zhiping, former chief supply chain officer of Huawei, believes that APP is the democracy of software, and "hard egg" is the democracy of hardware. The value of "hard egg" has been valued by many Internet giants. In the "Hard Egg iFuture" competition from January to April last year, more than 1000 hardware innovation projects participated, while Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, JD and other Internet giants all participated. Shen Haiyin, Vice President of Qihoo 360, said that Hard Egg has become China's hardware innovation and entrepreneurship platform.

In addition, Ketong Core City has also improved the supply chain service platform in many aspects. During the period, the company actively strengthened cooperation with various Internet enterprises, and built a one-stop electronic manufacturing enterprise procurement service platform for the entrance through IC component business: i) Ketong Core City signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Changjietong (1588. HK), a leading domestic small and micro enterprise software and service provider, to jointly provide software and services, including enterprise financial software, to the company and the large SME customer base of the hard egg platform; Ii) The company's hard egg platform has been incorporated into the supply chain service platform of Zhongguancun Intelligent Hardware Center, a major domestic science and technology entrepreneurship center. It is believed that it will further strengthen the company's ability to obtain customers and strengthen the company's network layout in the country; Iii) The company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with JD to jointly build an intelligent hardware ecosystem to provide products promotion, sales channels, financial support and other services for hardware innovation enterprises. The company will have the opportunity to provide services for JD and its product crowdfunding platform, and further shorten the distance between suppliers and the terminal consumer market.

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